Let’s Encrypt!

It’s been a while since I posted… so here it goes again.

So I was configuring some servers and migrating this blog to AWS, which is something I wanted to do but I procrastinated it for a while because the other host was cheaper, but now it isn’t (not going to tell which company but it was…). Anyways one of the good things is that now I have full control of anything that goes here and it gives me more insights on some products I did not used on AWS, one of them being Route 53, which allows me to have full control of domains and sub domains and linking them to instances directly or elastic IPs in AWS.

Another thing I found out during this was Let’s Encrypt, which is a certificate authority that gives away free certificates. If you are using LetsEncrypt I recommend you to donate via their page, as maintaining this type of services is costly and we need to take care of each other as humans.

Also, LetsEncrypt provide an script that will automate the creation of your certificate and even the installation if you use common application web servers (nginx, apache).

el_avena off…