I have been playing for a long time with Arduino, Raspberry 2, and 3 (thanks Alan the Prince of Darkness¬†for both)… Anyways, I loved both specially the Raspberry pi, however I wanted moar; so I went on to try out other flavors, raspberry pi zero, Arduino Mini, RedBoard, Galileo… and then I came across the esp8622, which is pretty much a very small wifi chip, It is very cool.. the problem is that is not very prototype friendly, and not build to last (or perhaps I am just a caveman when it comes to prototyping…). After I broke a few … I moved into into other flavors of the ESP WiFi chip, well not other flavors, specifically the nodeMCU, which is a very small and compact wifi IOT platform which firmware runs on lua and is less than 500 JPY!!! I will leave a few links below that helped me to understand a little more about it.

el_avena off…

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