VMWare cheat Sheet…

Well I worked in the last month with ESXi and VCenter and VM Standalone Converter, so here are a few things that it may help in the future:

First is the vGhetto tools, according to the author the v stands for “Very” not for VMWare.

This tool is only for backup, you can look for more vGuetto tools, there are a bunch out there, all related to VMWare administration. One of the pro’s of this tools is that they are free! a lot of tools out there are very expensive so you can save your money by using this. OK, back to business.

One more thing I used was the nfs mount, the ESXi does not have the mount command, it uses another built in

esxcfg-nas -a   -o  -s

esxcfg-nas manages NAS mounts. Use this command to add, delete, list, and change the attributes of NAS devices.

To list NAS/NFS Exports or Shares using the COS, run the command:

esxcfg-nas –l

You can find more about this in this link.

I will post more info on how to expand the lvm disks in linux on a VM machine. And for those who wondered I did not killed anybody nor my head exploded.

el_avena off…