You are your tools…

I will always believe that: “A handyworker is as good as its selection of tools, and his skill shows its creativity and what he can do with those tools”.

Although you can always incorporate more, or learn to use new tools and do more. Same thing happens with software craftsmanship.

As part of our survival and human evolution we have been relying on technology and tools such as fire, our first true piece of technology (Read it on Peter Weyland voice). Imagine what would have been the demand of a fire technician 1 million of years ago.

So back to the point, I recently was introduced with Toptal, a network of developers with a very strict screening process to help customers get the right person for the job. I don’t consider myself a good developer, but I am working on it everyday *eye of the tiger song playing in the background*. Anyways, the posts in their blog are very spot on and written by very talented people from all across the globe (globalization uh!). Go and check them out.

I diverged again from the original point of the post, bottom line is, they have a page called the best free online resources for engineers in 2015, most of them I have heard of, some I have work with, but there are a few hidden jewels, at least for me. So have a look, and perhaps you will find something to help you your next endeavour.

Add them to your tool box, play with them, broad your vision and go and change the world.

el_avena off…